Tableau Report Portal

Organizations often rely on multiple tools to help business users or developers do work with ease. With growing number of options in the BI world, companies face the challenge of maintaining the reports' accuracy and performace across various BI tools.

Evolviz helps in designing and developing Reporting Architechture for Tableau. Develop Reporting Data Models suitable for Tableau platform from various input sources.

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Tableau Report Portal

Custom built and user friendly portal gives users a seamless experience while using the Tableau Dashboards. Organize the content by Projects/Sub-Projects and enable the users to quickly view the data sources used in the workbooks. Below table gives you an idea about what we can achieve with a Tableau Report Portal.

Experts in Tableau Related Reproting, we can build on-premise or cloud based Portal with embeded validation tools (TabR-Tool).

Tableau Server Evolviz Portal
Web-based architecture
Basic security and permissions
Embeddable Dashboards
Mobile friendly design
Customized Interface to Business Standards
Customizable look
Easy Dashboard Accessibility
Easy Filtering Criteria
Customizable Security
Shareable dashboards in multiple formats
Validate Dashboards instantly
Search for Fields thru the Dashboards
Audit the Dashboards (Selectively)
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